Ms Brooke Tapsall

Estonia & Australia
Ms Tapsall has been a professional in the spatial science industry for 18 years, working around the world before establishing companies and initiatives which provide valuable services to the Drone Industry, specialising in Drone Security and Intelligence. Ms Tapsall is the founder and CEO of DroneALERT – a global drone incident reporting and management system and CEO of AGICS – a drone service and consultancy provider. Ms Tapsall is a member of the INTERPOL Drone Expert Forum (invitation only forum) Honouree of the Women to Watch in UAS 2018 for ‘Safety Technology’ from Women and Drones USA. Member of the Swiss SUSI Consortium for implementing UTM in Switzerland Program Committee Member for Commercial UAV Expo 2020 and Amsterdam Drone Week 2020 Consultant to the European Commission TAC UAV scientific committee

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combating 21st century crime requires the use of modern weapons (drones, robots e.t.c), optimum security is our priority.

1 Sleekseed Crescent, Adjacent Royal Champion Assembly, Chikakore, Kubwa Abuja

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