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Mr. Kelvin Lungu. AG ABU (MEng, BEng, MEIZ)

Lecturer - University of Zambia
Co-Ordinator – Zambia Flying Labs
Mr. Lungu is a Civil Engineer by profession and is also a drone enthusiast. He is one of the leading pioneers in Zambia in drones for social good and a visionary in creating a better Africa for tomorrow through innovation, robotics and drone technology advancement.
He was one of the 10 finalists for the African Drone Forum 2020 with ideas that promote integration of drone technology/innovation with machine learning to solve problems related to mitigation of cholera and malaria outbreaks. Agabu is the project coordinator for Zambia Flying Labs which is a drone flying hub part of a network created by an international organization called WeRobotics, and the CEO of JCKEG Solutions which is a technology and innovation think tank also into drone solutions.
His strengths lie in integrated drone technology/innovation solutions and drone mapping/operations.
In his profession as an Engineer his proficiencies include project management, work supervision, GIS practical applications, remote sensing, proposal writing, feasibility studies, and social and environmental assessments. Agabu possesses extensive computer skills and expertise in map digitization, database management, spatial analysis, modelling and analyses using QGIS and ArcGIS. He is also competent in using software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, WaterGEMS, PMWIN, MS Applications (Word, Power point and Excel).
His competency in project supervision was most notable in his supervision for the road survey and feasibility study for over 10 districts part of the Pave Zambia 2000 project, in the Southern Province of Zambia. He was responsible for all field geotechnical investigations, environmental assessment, geo-data collection and validation of the surveyed data using differential GPS units. He was also responsible for ensuring correct spatial analysis and digitization of surveyed data sets.
The areas of interest for my expertise include:
1. Drone Business
2. Industrial Drone Operations and/or
3. Drone Education