Institute for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System was conceived to address the growing demand for digital transformation. Our goal is to be the first Remotely Piloted Aircraft training and assessment organization in Nigeria.
Our mission is to ensure that the training and licensing of professional RPAS Pilot In Nigeria is conducted with the highest standard to meet global standard practice. Our vision is to serve as the Pacesetters Research and Development Institute in the bar was of Drone and Counter Drone systems.
Our Modus- Operandi is by active collaboration and strategic partnership with global drone and counter-drone subject matter experts, Academia, Industry leaders , Original equipment manufacturers including National and International regulatory bodies with more than Ten (10) thousand drone pilot aircraft deficit to be filled in the drone industry in the next five (5) years.
We are providing the most robust platform for regulatory agencies ,industries and students to have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment and knowledge of the current regulations in order to inculcate the international best practice and standard operating procedure to monitor drone operations within the country.
Remotely Piloted Aircraft systems are playing an ever more important part in operations for both commercial industry as well as government. Drones are used in a variety of industries. Aerial footage, Constructions, Surveys, Environment observations, Security monitoring, Search and Rescue, Package delivery and Logistics, Emergency services, Agriculture and Forestry, Photography, Videography, Entertainment, and so much more.
Drone Technology is changing the world we we are a big part of that change. Institute for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Abuja.
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TAC Africa is wholly committed to developing the Africa’s Economic and Security space through Digital Specialized Skills and Capacity building for Academia, Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Organizations and individuals by serving as catalyst through which Emerging Technological Solutions could be thought in a structured and easy to learn methodology


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TAC HQ: Plot 239 P.O.W Mafemi Crescent, Besides Daily Trust Newspapers, Utako District, Abuja, Nigeria. 900112