About TAC NGO Africa - Using Drones to Boost Nigeria’s Development & Accelerate Transition within Nigeria and the African Continent At Large.

December 9, 2019

TAC NGO Africa is a futurist oriented NGO with the sole aim of protecting Public Space and using innovative aerial technology to boost Africas development and accelerate transformation within Nigeria and Africa at large.

TAC NGO Africa was born out of an International Forum on Technologies in 2013

TAC NGO AFRICA was born out of an International Forum on Technologies, a high level meeting dedicated to “Technology for a Safer world. The first two editions were held in Lyon, in April 2013 and April 2016 respectively under the patronage of the Ministry of Interior and INTERPOL.

TAC Africa NGO is an auspices of International Security & protection of public spaces

The CEO/Founder TAC NGO Africa again was appointed member of the prestigious Drone Expert Forum, which brought together nearly 100 experts from law enforcement, academia and private industry to demonstrate how drones can at the same time be a threat, particularly for critical infrastructure, a tool and source of evidence for Law Enforcement operation worldwide. Organized by the INTERPOL Innovation Centre and Counter-Terrorism unit with the support of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Netherlands Police, the conference was a first step towards developing the global capacity to deal with the emerging threat posed by ‘unmanned aerial systems’ known as drones.

Training and Re-training and collaboration with Law Enforcement Agencies in Nigeria

Modus Operandi

Unique “Business “ & “Network” platform in the field of Drone

TAC NGO Africa will roll out a 100% online drone awareness, training and capability enhancement course for application and adoption by relevant institutions, organizations and agencies within Nigeria and Africa at large.

A demonstration and adoption of innovation resulting from research, start-ups and experience industrial partners.

The NGO will rally around regulatory agencies to proffer a means to recommend the best solution to manage “end to end” licensing, registration and accreditation of drone users in one unified database. A showcase of emerging counter UAV systems.The NGO will proide regulatory agencies with systems to detect, locate and neutralize unauthorized drones and remote control systems based on a single passive sensor or multiple interconnected passive sensors.

Training, retraining and collaboration with International Law Enforcement

INTERPOL World 2019

Bringing the concerns of public, the existing solution in the industry and the research trends to build together trust through:-Cooperation between the security sectors and various public enterprise

INTERPOL GA, Chile, 2019

Constant private public dialogue and awareness campaign

Anticipation of threats and risk to public and private security concerns

Assessment in requirements in terms of integration.

Background of the CEO/Founder TAC NGO Africa:

Jerry Akubo Innocent is presently the National Technical Officer, INTERPOLNCB Abuja, Nigeria. He is a Drone Expert, maritime survey Expert and an Intelligence System Support specialist trained by INTERPOL and FBI. Being active in the Law Enforcement Domain for over a decade now, he uses Innovative Aerial Surveillance & remote sensing to tackle the unique set of challenges the region is facing including on the one side, crimes like oil theft and on the other, battling insurgents and terrorist group, often operating in very remote locations.

He is also the founder of Technology Against Crime Initiative, an Africa NGO that brings together Law Enforcement Agencies, Academia, Subject Matter Expert together under one platform to discuss technology that will change the narratives of Africa in developing its prowess in the Global Village of the Internet. No alt text provided for this image He believes the major problem of Africa is unavailability of robust internet infrastructure, satellite unavailability and unconnected innovative solution to curb the technology menace bedeviling the Sub region.
It is in the light of this and other considerations that the NGO Technology Against Crime Africa was created to bring together an international platform to tackle this menace by connecting to other part of the world.

CEO/Founder TAC Africa NGO is part and parcel of the Law Enforcement domain as evident in his letters of recommendation and numerous accolades, just to mention a few.

To this end, Technology Against Crime, NGO Africa is in dire need of setting up a very viable international network of experts that will be part of the Scientific Committee to determine how drone can take its place in fighting crime while preserving rights.
We by this publication extend our hands of partnership to academia, subject matter experts, industry leaders, original equipment manufacturers and law enforcement agents to join the forces with TAC NGO Africa through active partnership, collaboration and integration.
Furthermore, at TAC NGO Africa we know that combatting 21st Centry crimes requires the use of modern weapons, i.e. drones, satellite, AI, big data and other emerging technologies. It is in this field that we are working on the active partnership.


TAC Africa is wholly committed to developing the Africa’s Economic and Security space through Digital Specialized Skills and Capacity building for Academia, Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Organizations and individuals by serving as catalyst through which Emerging Technological Solutions could be thought in a structured and easy to learn methodology


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