Indiscriminate Dumping of Refuse along Railway Tracks: A case Study of the Kubwa-Chikakore Railway tracks

Cleanliness of the railway tracks is an important aspect which can enhance the image of the railway service as well as affect its functionality in the long run. Our case study in this article is the railway track that runs from the Kubwa train station

in Abuja to the Rigasa train station in Kaduna State. Walking along the rail line that runs through Kubwa and Chikakore settlements, one can vividly see the unsanitary conditions in these areas. Sadly, it has become some kind of toilet facilities for all manners of persons from the surrounding

communities as well as from passers-by. A major challenge, however which could become a threat to the health of the inhabitants of the area is the indiscriminate dump of refuse and open defecation. The areas along the railway tracks are kept very unclean. Little children from the surrounding communities are often seen loitering along the passage areas of the railway tracks and may require the blaring horns of the train to get them out of the way.

A visit to an area in the Chikakore settlement reveals a situation that calls for immediate attention. Inhabitants of the area can be seen depositing heaps of refuse beside the railway tracks which of course results in oozing offensive smell. If this remains uncontrolled, it could become a health hazard and will eventually become a life-threatening environment due to poor sanitation.

Also, poor maintenance of the railway tracks in the long run may affect its function because if the situation continues, the heaps of refuse may extend unto the railway tracks. The situation remains a cause for worry and a lingering eyesore for some wellmeaning residents, as they cannot walk past these areas without noticing these hazards.

The environmental walk championed by TAC Africa in collaboration with Mr Tidy Nigeria will create awareness in these communities and help the residents to see a more proper way of disposing waste rather than close to the railway lines. The environmental campaign is geared towards a cleaner and safer railway corridors alon the Kubwa-Chikakore railway tracks and help the residents to realize that a clean railway corridor is a social responsibility asit improves the overall health and overall wellbeing of their families.


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