TAC NGO AFRICA was born out of an International Forum on Technologies, a high level meeting dedicated to “Technology for a Safer world. The first two editions were held in Lyon, in April 2013 and April 2016 respectively under the patronage of the Ministry of Interior and INTERPOL. (www.forum-tac.org).


TAC AFRICA is a virtual platform that assembles global subject matter experts from a multidisciplinary background, i.e. academia, law enforcement agencies, social infrastructure, humanitarian, global original equipment manufacturers and stakeholders, to synergise through a virtual co-creation hub model to promote, build capacity and recommend critical emerging technology benefits.


To promote the institutionalisation of Standard Operating Procedures and International Best Practices within the African Subregion.


How can disruptive technology takes its place in the fight against emerging crimes and criminalities, while preserving rights?

Bringing the concerns of public, the existing solution in the industry and the research trends to build together trust through:-

  • Cooperation between the security sectors and various public enterprise
  • Constant private public dialogue and awareness campaign
  • Anticipation of threats and risk to public and private security concerns
  • Assessment in requirements in terms of integration.
“If Nigeria does not adopt these technologies at the earliest, then the bad guys will outpace us, says Jerry Innocent Akubo, National Technical Officer and Drone Expert, INTERPOL NCB, Abuja.
He adds that the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Service Chiefs of the Country and top traditional rulers met in a high level security meeting to declare that CCTV and Drones will be massively acquired and integrated into the internal security architecture. Trained by INTERPOL and FBI, Akubo is also a maritime expert and Founder of Technology Against Crime Initiative, Africa, an International NGO.”
Jerry Akubo

National Technical Officer and Drone Expert , INTERPOL NCB, Abuja

“Mr. Philip Ingram MBE sat down for a chat with Mr. Jerry Innocent Akubo, National Technical Officer and Drone Expert, Nigeria Police Force where they touch on topics such as Innovative Aerial Surveillance technology and the challenges involved in the maritime domain”.


Unique “Business “ & “Network” platform in the field of Drone
TAC NGO Africa will roll out a 100% online drone awareness, training and capability enhancement course for application and adoption by relevant institutions, organizations and agencies within Nigeria and Africa at large.
A demonstration and adoption of innovation resulting from research, start-ups and experience industrial partners.
The NGO will rally around regulatory agencies to proffer a means to recommend the best solution to manage “end to end” licensing, registration and accreditation of drone users in one unified database.
A showcase of emerging counter UAV systems.

The NGO will proide regulatory agencies with systems to detect, locate and neutralize unauthorized drones and remote control systems based on a single passive sensor or multiple interconnected passive sensors.

Our Mentor

  • International Criminal Police Organization
  • INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World
  • INTERPOL Global Center for Innovation
  • INTERPOL Drone Expert Forum

Our Strategic Partners

  • Institute for Drone Technology, Australia

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combating 21st century crime requires the use of modern weapons (drones, robots e.t.c), optimum security is our priority.

1 sleekseed crescent, Adjacent Royal Champion Assembly, Chikakore, kubwa, Abuja

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